Our Products

Our products solve a life or death problem – fighting one of the deadliest viruses in recorded human history, the Coronavirus. Our conversion kit is ready for use and is available now.

Here are the obvious advantages:

Product Brief for CPAP to Respirator / Ventilator Product from Design Visionaries

Provided by Design Visionaries – Stephen M. Samuel PE  4-6-20



Why the Design Visionaries product?

  • Because the serge is coming and we are ready to deliver.
  • We are on track for FDA approval.
  • The product is undergoing endurance testing.
  • We have the ability to monitor from an iPhone or Android based phone app.
  • Our product is modular.
  • We can supply the CPAP machines along with our kit.
  • Our product will soon work with the air that comes out of the wall.
  • Price $950.
  • We are gearing up to supply thousands of copies.
  • We have a 20 thousand square foot factory standing by.
  • We are able to add oxygen to our mask.
  • Our filter will protect the patient and or the health care worker.
  • Software can support 250 users at once and can monitor patients remotely.


Why Medical Visionaries / Design Visionaries?

  • We have the best Silicon Valley talent and can innovate astonishingly rapidly.
    • Industrial design (The look, feel and use of a product).
    • Mechanical design (The actual structure, material and manufacturing of a product)
    • Electrical deign (All the electronics and programming of a product)
    • Legal (patent work)
  • We have a road map of other products that we know will be helpful long after the Coronavirus surge is over.
  • In house manufacturing and prototyping.
    • Three axis milling
    • Lathe
    • Laser cutting
    • 3-D printing
    • Powder coating
    • All other standard operations
  • We have spent 27 years designing everything from medical products to aerospace to consumer products and teaching everyone else how to innovate, design, manufacture with high end computer aided design software.
  • Design Visionaries is a California corporation S. We own our own 4500 square foot design office condo. All shares belong to Stephen M. Samuel
  • Partial customer list:
    • Us surgical (design of facial implants)
    • Boston Scientific (catheter design)
    • North coast medical (Many tier 3 products)
    • Biomet (implants)
    • Johnson and Johnson (implants)
    • Zimmer (design of implants and CAD training)
    • DePuy Medical (CAD training)
    • Smith and Nephew (design of implants and training)
    • Northrup Grumman (design of submarine components and CAD training)
    • GE (CAD training)
    • Tesla (Design of automotive components)
    • Applied Material (Design of ultra-high-end industrial machinery and CAD training)
    • Bose (Design of headsets and training)
    • Sonos (Design of transducers and CAD training)
    • Plantroncis (Design of headsets)
    • GM (Design of automotive accessories)
    • JPL (CAD training)
    • And many others